Motion system retrofit to extend pharma production lines' lifespan

Replace outdated motion systems to extend pharmaceutical production line lifespan by 15 years.

The scope has been new motors, cabling, a new electrical backplane with drives, a controller and a high-end software platform. The existing SCADA has been extended with more status information for more straightforward operation, and a new modern safety system has replaced the old and, of course, PLC modification, a new ProfiNet Realtime bus has replaced the old ProfiBus and new mechanical gears with vibration sensors has been added to the production line. The new motion system utilises less than half the number of physical components compared to the old system, and the actual power consumption is approximately 15-20% lower with the new system than the old one, all contributing to a greener fingerprint!

pharma manufacturing line

The customer also gets a high-end data hub from the system with more than 800 data points, enabling the customer to perform predictive maintenance! The production line produces approx. 150 million units a year. The retrofit has been carried out in 1,5 weeks at the customer site, ensuring very low production downtime. All modifications have been validated, ensuring product quality by using our extended testing at our premises and leveraging test results by using configuration control throughout the project until service return. This enables us to perform these retrofits with minimal downtime at the customer site and ensure product quality.

The main challenges

The main challenges are high complexity, ensuring quality, and low customer downtime for commissioning and returning to service.

The goal

The goal is to extend the production machine’s lifetime. Old legacy systems are not for purchase but will cease service in 2024.

The result

The customer has an extended life cycle of at least 15 years – they run with low or less risk, more green solutions, and a modern system with Data for predictive maintenance.

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