Process Experience

We are a consultant cooperation that together has more than 20 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry in the insulin aseptic and finish product areas. Projects relating to improvements, design changes, programming, implementation and qualifications for several processes and systems has given high experience and understanding of how and were different technologies are utilized.


As innovation drivers and knowledge carrier to sites world wide we have achieved a large number of contacts and hereby having good understanding of the different cultures at the sites world wide as well as across departments and functional areas. This together with high knowledge of different processes and system integration makes us able to work with people and processes across many boundaries.


We have contributed with simplification of processes, improved robustness for machine equipment and IT systems as well as increasing production capability by optimization of equipment also for running higher speeds.

√  Root cause analysis

A project we were a part of, was a cLEAN® pilot project. We managed to analyze the biggest technical problem and finding the root cause for it. By re-programming the motion filling system together with optimizing some mechanical parts we decreased the stop time by 1 hour per day. The task was from root cause analysis over programming and documentation to realization follow up.


We have experience with different roles and responsibilities in regards to project execution, how systems can be modified for improvement of processes and better efficiencies. We manage to fulfil many roles ie. project manager, project assistance, driver, innovator, developer with a background in automation.

Execute to Realize

One of our key competences is hardcode automation. This makes us able to read and program source code in a variety of systems i.e. line fillers and packaging machines where we perform trouble shooting and root cause analysis at very high level.

Problem Solving

With focus on successful executing and with interests for processes, systems and technologies together with motivation and drive for success we are able to carry out many different tasks in a successful way.

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